Church Calendar 2022

8th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
9th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionWhite
16th10:00Divine ServiceGreen
23rd10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion, Ladies Mites OfferingGreen
22nd19:00Divine Service Portuguese
30th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion, Office Holders MeetGreen


6th10:00Matins – Voters Assembly (Elections, Foreign Missions)Green
12th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
13th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen
20th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen
26th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
27th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionWhite


Ash Wednesday
12th19:00Portuguese Service (TBC)
13th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionPurple
20th10:00Divine ServicePurple
26th19:00Portuguese Service
27th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion Mothering Sunday BST BeginsPurple


9th19:00Portuguese Service
10th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion (Palm Sunday) Offices Holders Meet (TBC)Purple
15th10:00Good Friday: Divine Sunday with Holy CommunionBlack
17th10:00Easter Sunday: Divine Service with Holy CommunionWhite
23rd19:00Divine Service Portuguese
24th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion Voters Assembly (Budget Meeting)White


LWLGB Convention 2022
8th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Ladies Mites OfferingWhite
8th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
15th10:00Divine ServiceWhite
21st19:00Portuguese Service
22nd10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionWhite
The Ascension of our Lord
29th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Office Holders meet (TBC)White


4th10 to 2Spring Maintenance Day
5th10:00Pentecost Sunday – Divine Service with Holy Communion followed by “bring and share” meal Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Red
11th19:00Divine Service Portuguese – Zoom
12th10:00Holy Trinity Sunday – Divine Service with Holy CommunionWhite
18th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
19th10:00Divine Service + Father’s DayGreen
25th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
26th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Voters’ MeetingGreen


3rd10:00Matins + Ladies Mites OfferingGreen
9th19:00Divine Service Portuguese – Zoom
10th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion, Foreign Missions + Fundraising Meal for I. Youth Rally Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Green
16th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
17th10:00Divine ServiceGreen
International Lutheran Rally (16+) – Porto, Portugal (TBC)
24th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen
30th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
31st10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen


7th10:00Matins Summer picnicGreen
13th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
14th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen
21st10:00Divine ServiceGreen
27th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
28th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Office Holders meet (tbc)Green


3rd10 to 2Autumn Maintenance Day
4th10:00Matins + Voters Assembly (Synod)Green
10th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
11th10:00Celebrating 126 years of Luther-Tyndale + Youth Sunday – Service with HC followed by BfY Dinner. Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Green
18th10:00Divine ServiceGreen
24th10:00Divine Service Portuguese
25th10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen


Divine Service Portuguese
9th10:00Harvest Festival Service – Divine Service with Holy Communion followed by “bring and share” meal Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Green
16th10:00Divine ServiceGreen
22nd19:00Divine Service Portuguese
23rd10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion
28th19:30Celebrating the Lutheran Reformation (TBC)Green
30th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion. Reformation Sunday (BST ends)Red


5th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
6th10:00All Saints Sunday Divine Service – Ladies Mites Offering – Office Holders meet (tbc)White
LWLGB Workshop (TBC)
12th19:00Divine Service in Portuguese – Zoom
13th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion, followed by Fundraising Meal (Lucas); Remembrance Sunday; Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Green
20th10:00Divine Service + Voters AssemblyGreen
26th16:30Dei Gratia’s Advent Concert (TBC)
27th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Adv 1Purple


5th19:00Divine Service in Portuguese
4th10:00Matins – Adv. 2Purple
10th19:00Divine Service in Portuguese
11th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Adv. 3Purple
17th19:00Divine Service in Portuguese – Christmas Dinner (TBC)
18th10:00Carols and Lessons Service – Adv. 4Purple
24th18:00Christmas PresentationWhite
25th10:00Nativity of our Lord – Christmas Day Divine Service (TBC)White