Church Calendar 2024

6th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
7th  10:00Matins Epiphany Observed White
14th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion, Ladies Mites OfferingGreen
21st10:00Divine ServiceGreen
27th 19:00Divine Service Portuguese
29th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion, Green

10:00 am to 1:00 pm ELCE/CLC Reflection Day –  “A Soul’s Journey to Easter” – Singing Lent Hymns 
4th10:00Matins – Office Holders Meet (TBC)Green
ELCE – Barnes Conference at Luther-Tyndale
10th19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
11th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion Green
Ash Wednesday 
18th 10:00Divine Service Purple
24th19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
25th10:00Divine Service with Holy C. – Voters Assembly (Elections, Missions)Purple



2nd19:00Portuguese Service
3rd 10:00MatinsPurple
10th 10:00Divine Service – Mothering SundayPurple
17th   10:00Divine Service Purple
24th 10:00 Palm Sunday – Divine Service Purple
31st10:00EASTER Sunday: Divine Service with Holy Communion – BST BeginsWhite

14th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Offices Holders Meet (TBC)White
20th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
21st10:00Divine Service White
27th19:00Divine Service Portuguese (TBC)
28th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Voters Assembly (Budget Meeting)White

5th 10:00Matins White
The Ascension of our Lord
11th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
12th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Ladies Mites OfferingWhite
18th19:00Divine Service Portuguese (TBC)
19th 10:00Pentecost – Divine Service followed by “bring and share” meal Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Red
26th 10:00Holy Trinity – Divine Service with Holy Communion White

1st  19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
2nd 10:00Matins Green
10:00 am to 2:00 pm – Spring Maintenance Day
9th 10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen
15th  19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
16th  10:00Divine Service – Father’s Day Green
23th  10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Offices Holders Meet (TBC)Green
29th  19:00Divine Service Portuguese
30th  10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Voters’ MeetingGreen

7th 10:00 Divine Service with Holy Communion – Youth Sunday + Fundraising Meal International Lutheran Rally Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC) Green
13th19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
14th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Ladies Mites OfferingGreen
International Lutheran Rally (16+)  (TBC) 
21th10:00Divine Service Green
27th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
28th 10:00Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen

 4th 10:00Matins Green
10th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
11th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Summer picnicGreen
18st 10:00Divine Service Green
24th19:00Divine Service Portuguese
25th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion Green

1st  10:00MatinsGreen
7th19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
8th  10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion + Offices Holders Meet (TBC)Green
14th 10:00 am to 2:00 pm – Autumn Maintenance Day
15th 10:00Celebrating 128 years of Luther-Tyndale + followed by “Bring and Share” meal.Lighthouse to start at 14:30 Green
21st19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
22nd 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion Green
29th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Voters Assembly (Synod)Green

Divine Service Portuguese 
6th10:00Matins – Harvest Festival ServiceGreen
13th10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion Green
19th 19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
20nd  10:00Divine ServiceGreen
27th10:00Reformation – Divine Service with Holy Communion (BST ends)Red

70th ELCE SYNOD at Luther-Tyndale 
2th 19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
3rd10:00All Saints Sunday Divine Service – Ladies Mites Offering + Office Holders meet (TBC)White
ELCE – LWLGB Workshop (TBC)  
10th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – National and Overseas Missions followed by Fundraising Meal (Remembrance Sunday) Lighthouse to start at 14:30 (TBC)Green
16th 19:00Divine Service Portuguese 
17th10:00Divine Service + Voters AssemblyGreen
24th 16:30Divine Service with Holy CommunionGreen
30th19:00Divine Service Portuguese 

1st10:00Matins – Adv 1Purple
8th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Adv 2Purple
14th19:00Divine Service in Portuguese 
15th 10:00Carols and Lessons Service – Adv 3Purple
22nd 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion – Adv 4Purple
24th18:00Christmas PresentationWhite
29th 10:00Divine Service with Holy Communion White

HC: Holy Communion 

Voters’ Meeting statutory:  Bimonthly (Except July/August) 

Obs 1: Epiphany Party: Should we keep it? Change to following Sunday? No have a meal anymore? (Could be discussed – Reality is the a good number of people are still not back from Christmas travelling).  

Obs 2: Youth Sunday changed from September to July, if acceptable – More proper place as recently LTMC Anniversary started to be celebrated in September. Combine both has not worked very well. 

Obs 3:  National and Overseas Missions followed by Fundraising Meal changed to November – seems to be a better option as Missions are now decided later in the financial year.